Winter Training - Part 1

By: Embrocation Team Jan 21

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Cyclocross isn’t over in Europe and we have one eye turned toward the upcoming worlds, especially because local racer and friend of Embrocation, Mo Bruno-Roy will be racing in her first world championships. Good luck, Mo.

Stateside, we’re entirely focused on the build-up to road season and things are looking good. Our team is bigger than last year and incredibly focused on the upcoming season. We have an impressive line-up of sponsors including Ridley, SRAM, Bontrager, Challenge, Fizik and Yokozuna. Much, much more to come on all this stuff when equipment starts showing up.

In the meantime, it’s riding in the cold… Winter is in full effect here in the northeast and so is the early season training. Some of us endure cold in greater levels than others. Yesterday I got an email from Cory, who lives in upstate New York – I mean practically Canada. Here’s what he said:

Today I gave mother nature the finger and went outside for a tempo ride on the rolling country backroads of Watertown New York. For those of you not in the know, which is everyone but James, (and he was in the Albany area, which is summer year ‘round compared to where I sit on these winter days) the winters make it tough, at times, to get any reasonable training in until about March. So after an early day at work I came home with the attitude of “hey, the wind isn’t whipping off the lake today, fuck the trainer, I am soooo going outside – it’s above 25 degrees”. I hit the road, and after a near-death experience leaving my driveway, I was off. It wasn’t long before Mrs. nature tried to bring me down but I stayed true to my plan. Here are some pics from a pretty typical day this time of year. Great day.

Good for you, Cory. We’re hitting it hard here in New England this weekend and I’ll send some footage your way…

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