Winter Training 2012, Part 1

By: Embrocation Team Mar 20

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It’s 70 bloody degrees in Boston right now! That’s madness. Unnerving even. I mean, how are we supposed to be hard men and women if we’re wiling away our winters basking in the sunshine and warmth? It’s not right, I tell you… not right at all.

Fortunately for us our annual trip to the west coast has ensured that we’ll retain our hardness credentials for at least another month. For while the northeast has been basking in glorious, glorious sunshine, the Bay Area of California has seen more rain in a week than they typically see in a month, followed by howling winds and brisk temperatures as well. We’ve had our fair share of sunshine, but nothing so grand as our New England home. And when we return to parts northeasterly in a couple weeks, we’ll undoubtedly experience a resurgence of winter – that’s just the way it works, no?

Undeterred we press on. Ride through the rain, inhabit coffee shops where we leave puddles on the floor as our shoes and chamois drain themselves. Hot coffee and quiche and occasional baked good the size of one’s head are the go-to sustenance on our many pit stops, while oatmeal cream pies, that contain neither oatmeal nor real cream go down easily on the bike and provide a much-needed sugar boost.

Oh, and apparently there are a ton of oysters here too. That’s a delicious yet dangerous mid-ride snack. It’s a delicate and fine line between enough and too many.

And then, the sun breaks through, the clouds go from being above and below us, to just sparsely above us, where they ought to be. Rain and wind aside, Marin County is one of my favorite places to ride, ever. Scenery, food, the quality and character of the roads and the variability of the terrain make this one of my go-to spots. More on this so-called “winter” training in a bit.

Photos by Peter Bowring.



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