Winter Training

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For some racers, the winter is the best time of the year. The upcoming racing season is a few months off. Stress of racing has not yet set in and there seem to be infinite possibilities for the coming season. Training begins in earnest, and here in the northeast we pride ourselves on our abilities to ride through just about anything. This year, however, the weather has proved too difficult for even the most hearty soul to brave in the name of training miles.

Some members of team Embrocation have stayed home and done what they can to live through this winter. Others have flown away to warmer destinations in search of sun and miles. Here’s what some of the team has been up to.

James, Linnea and one of our new guys, Wayne all made trips to Arizona for some much-needed sunshine and dessert riding.

One of the best things about travel to the desert southwest is the abundance of long climbs that we mostly lack here in the northeast. With long climbs, come long descents. Here’s a video series of descents off of Mingus Mountain through the mountainside village of Jerome, AZ.

Mingus Mountain – Part 1 from EmbroJames on Vimeo.

Mingus Mountain – Part 2 from EmbroJames on Vimeo.

James even managed to find himself in the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in the Phoenix area for 3 days of racing against a bunch of guys in really good shape for the middle of February.

Another one of our new additions, Mr. Stephen Pierce took an early January sojourn to Florida, where racing season was still on, including some very warm cyclocross racing. He sent this report back to his jealous teammates:

I made a two-week southbound escape from the bleak gray northern tundra, spent that time working on tanlines and laying down some serious miles. There were a few cx races in that window: tropical cyclocross and dire consequences, in Miami and west palm, respectively. I won both of them very authoritatively, in both cases lapping the majority of the field. Aside from the welcome reprieve from trainer-induced mania, a lot of time was spent checking out tampa’s coffee houses and eating superior burritos. Definitely a good way to kickstart my early season training.

Meanwhile, back in the frozen north, our boys made the best of it, getting out on the roads whenever the chance arose.

Or, in some cases, hitting the trainer in the garage, even in the coldest temps.

The riding continues, the racing is just around the corner.

Coming up: – 2011 Team Roster – Team equipment – California training camp



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