The week ahead and one last look back

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Jay, Josh and I have returned to the swampy northeast. Actually, we arrived just as the last of the rain was falling on Boston and awoke the next day to some serious sun and warming temps. Spring is here for the moment and we missed the deluge. A week in southern cal did wonders for the fitness and the soul, though. Jay even got some color on his pasty white legs.

Now it’s on the actual racing season.
Couple things to look forward to: Next week we’ll finally have our team bikes. It’s been a long road, and a lot of work, but we’re going to have some kick-ass machines to ride at Battenkill in a week or so. Jeremy has leaked some photos of these in his column this week, but there will be more to come.

Speaking of Battenkill, we’ll be tackling that beast next Saturday. Also, Cory and Bradshaw will be returning to upstate New York for a second round the next weekend, when they’ll be guest riding for the Champion System team in the UCI pro race. Good luck to them. Who knows? They might win, or something.

It’s sort of the calm before the storm this weekend. That last weekend of local training crits until the full weight of the season is upon us and we’re on the road, traveling far and wide to races. I for one and going to enjoy it and hopefully we’ll be honing our skills before the big races hit.

Before that, though, one last look back at our week in the Santa Ynez valley:

Figueroa Mountain Descent from EmbroJames on Vimeo.

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