Ridley Helium - Embrocation Team Edition

By: Embrocation Team May 12

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Ridley’s flagship Helium is our official team issue road bicycle for the 2010 season. It’s the lightest frameset the Belgian company offers, but in the best of Ridley tradition the focus is on durability and stiffness first.


Pete Smith Says:
“I’ve ridden some bikes over the years, like, a lot of bikes. My Ridley Helium is by far the most crisp, responsive and lively ride I’ve ever experienced. So much so that it makes my Cervelo R3 feel lazy by comparison. Think about turning and the bike responds. It almost seems telepathic. Combine that reactive feel with a sub 15 lb weigh-in and you get one hell of a race bike! I love this thing and look forward to every ride on my Helium.”


Jackson says:
“The current crop of carbon ‘superbikes’ are all fairly amazing and consequently evoke ‘Mad Lib’-like reviews where riders purport the amazing mixture of stiffness, comfort and low-weight that makes the current ride spectacular. The differences between them are subtle and generally minor, especially when fit is taken care of. It’s quite easy to say our Ridley Heliums are part of this ‘superbike’ genus. It is ridiculously light (920 grams with seatpost and frame hardware) it is stiff (especially at the front end with its oversized steerer) and does manage to be comfortable while achieving all of this (check out the seatstays). More importantly it does all of this in a consistent fashion that lets it disappear beneath the rider and lets you focus on simply driving your bike as fast as you can no matter what is in front of you.”



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