Race Report: NBX Cross

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Winter has arrived, for sure…
The venue for NBX Cross in Warwick, RI is one of the most scenic of the season: Pine woods, seashore, single track, beach runs. Did I mention it was on the seashore? That also means windy and cold, especially this past weekend when winter weather actually arrived.

Challenging weather aside, it was a great weekend for the team with two podiums and Cary securing his second place overall in the Verge series – quite a feat.

The Rapha Softshells were a perfect piece of gear for the cold, rainy weather on Saturday.

It was also a day for plenty of embrocation.

The race starts in a cold, windy rain.

Cary leads a small group on the road section, under the bridge.

James over the barriers.

Cary chasing the front of the race.

Eventual winner Colin Murphy (future Embrocation rider) leads James through the long sand run.

Kyle keeps the suffer face on in the sand.

Cary on the chase…

and again…

Cary slots in for second place on the day.

Bradshaw had a great start to the race on Saturday.

PVB follows close behind.

Pete Rubijono has a run-in with a stake on one of the many 180 degree turns.

But gets right back on terms to ride well with Dan Action throughout the race.

Race over, Cary now gives his all in supporting his teammates on the course.

And shows support for teammate PVB in another way.

2nd place on the day, just behind future teammate Colin Murphy.

Cary also takes second podium spot in the Verge series overall.

Elite Verge Series winner Dan Timmerman admires Cary’s podium shoes and Embrocation socks.



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