A Mixed Bag: Charge Pond, Ninigret and Wells

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Team Embrocation was spread across the region this weekend with our racers attending a host of local races hoping to hone our form one week before the Battenkill.

Kyle was the lone Embro at the Chris Hinds Memorial race in Ninigret, RI where he fought the good fight and recounts his tale of the weekend’s efforts for us in his telltale sing-song narrative:

I had good legs at the ‘gret, but unfortunately it didn’t work in my favor. The winning break with Myerson, McCormack, Donahue, Greenfield, Bell, and one other were up the road w/ a 20 second gap w/ about about 16 laps to go. I attacked the field and managed to bridge solo to the break, but with 8 to go, there were lots of antics by Al (creating gaps, missing turns, etc.). In the end, he let Mark and Adam up the road to test who could bridge up. Dan and Al made it, but I didn’t. I was still smoked from the bridge, and totally f-ed on a windy course w/ Peter Bell and another NEBC guy (ask Peter about it if you want to work him up). We got reabsorbed by the field with 3 to go, and I finished mid-pack for the sprint. No legs in the end – it was hard racing – LOTS of watts.

An hour later I did the 35+ race. Break got away after like 8 minutes of bike racing. Everyone in that race had like been in a previous race, so there were a lot of tired legs. You’d think such an early break would come back, but it didn’t. Guys were obviously tired – it was colder and windier than the early races. So I had to sit in, amusing myself by driving the pace every other lap or so – just trying to avoid getting lapped (which almost happened). Johnny Bold jumped away to try and bridge with about 15 to go, and was stuck in no-man’s land the rest of the race. With 2 to go, I attacked the field, caught and passed Johnny, and also managed to catch a dude who was dropped from the break in the very last turn. In the end I got 6th, which wasn’t too bad for the second race of the day.

Embro boys also had a good Wells yesterday. We won a ton of primes, Jay got in the winning break, and we all managed to stay upright after a fairly major crash in the final turn of the bunch sprint. One concussion was reported, along with a pretty torn up ankle. Dr. Marvin was there and lept into action. In the end, I think it could have been a lot worse (sure sounded like it).

Radshaw and I finished the day with the long Dover loop and an ultra-badass 200k+ of bike riding. Hooha. THAT’S RIGHT.

Oh Kyler, what would we do without you? I don’t even want to think about it.


Meanwhile, Jay, Bradshaw, Colin and I were down at Myles Standish Park in Plymouth at the final race of the Charge Pond series. It was a tough little race with a good squads from the IF and Svelte Cycles teams representing in most of the action. Our goal was to clinch the series title for Colin Murphy, who had represented well there in the previous few weeks and was looking for a strong finish and the overall title. It was a jumpy race with groups going off the front on a routine basis. A break finally established itself with about 7 laps to go. Colin and I were in it and after a few laps of moderate cooperation amongst the group, Colin jumped off the front of the break with Kevin Wolfson from IF and Nick Mashburn from Svelte Cycles. They stayed away with Colin taking second just behind Wolfson, which was good enough to win the overall series. I jumped off the front of the breakaway with one to go to finish 4th. Meanwhile, Jay and Bradshaw, who had both worked hard at the beginning of the race finished safely in the pack, having kept it in check during our breakaway effort.

We’re an emotional bunch here at Team Embrocation; we mourn deeply the losses and celebrate heartily the wins, even if they’re just at a training series like Charge Pond. Colin was imbued with the mighty spirit of Myles Standish himself, and felt the need to emulate his present hero with his victory salute.

Now on to matters concerning the Battenkill race… stay tuned.



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