Fizik Arione

By: Embrocation Apr 7

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Fizik redefined modern saddle design when they unleashed the Arione on the market a few years ago. It was a saddle that nearly perfectly melded ergonomics and fashion-forward design. Since that introduction, the design has changed very little – a testament to the intelligence and real-world usability of the design.

Cory gives us his take on the Arione
“Cyclist’s in general are, from what I can tell, a group of folks who stick to what I like to call, “known, quantities”. Usually they ride, wear, zip up or pull on the same things they have known for years, or some relatively similar piece. Nowhere will you find loyalty like that in a true riders saddle. Thousands of miles are going to be put into that leather, plastic and railed masterpiece and if you ride knowing your saddle will be comfy at the end of a 200km rain fest or a 100km crit, you will most assuredly stay with it for years on end. Fizik for me was a new road, unridden, always giving me the “come hither” eyes. Finally after hearing many good things about the saddle and my father bragging how its the best thing he has ever ridden and I believe I heard him say “got my old ass home comfortable for the last two years” more than a couple times. I must say, our team Fizik’s live up to there name and then some. Plenty of room to move around on the saddle no matter where you have it placed on the rails and, yeah, after putting some hard racing miles on it so far this year its easily my favorite saddle and is now in my “known quantity” quiver of equipment I have garnered over the years. Go by one!! Add it to yours!”



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