Bontrager Wheels

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There are many good wheel options available these days – more wheels in more types than we can count. We had several options when looking for a wheel sponsor this year. Bontrager came to the fore for several reasons: Their line of road wheels is relatively small, yet extraordinarily complete – they make aluminum and carbon wheels, both light and aero varieties, in a broad range of price-points. They’re also smartly designed, with high quality, serviceable hub internals, durable rims and premium spokes and nipples holding each wheel together. In short, they make a wheel to satisfy every type or rider and taste and do so with the utmost quality and attention to durability that’s so important for high level amateur bicycle racers who value both speed and long-term durability.

Riders on team Embrocation use a wide cross-section of Bontrager wheels:

Aeolus 5.0 and 6.5
Never mind that these wheels are aero, designed by Hed with a proven deep-section rim shape for maximum slipperiness. Never mind that their carbon rim / carbon fairing construction makes them among the lightest wheels in their class. And never mind the fact that they’re durable enough to handle any and all training and racing miles, including the roughest races like the Tour of the Battenkill. Let’s be honest here and say that what we like best about these wheels is how utterly killer they look. Plus, they come in a few different rim depths in both clincher and tubular options.


Kyle says:
“I loves mah wheels! They’re SUPAH TITE!”

Race XXX Lite

Last year some Spanish fellow won the Tour de France mostly using these wheels in the key mountainous stages. The XXX Lite come in tubular and clincher versions and are the featherweight wheel options of the Bontrager line. At around 1200 grams for the tubulars, they’re not the absolute lightest wheels on the market, but in our opinion they’re the perfect weight – plenty light enough to go up the hills, but with enough mass that fast downhills (that usually happen right after the aforementioned uphills) can be dispatched with supreme confidence.


James says:
“This is a near-perfect wheelset for the hillier races, especially those here in New England that are a constant up and down affair. The rim is super light so the acceleration speed is limited only by my legs’ ability to get up and go. They’re also stronger and stiffer than your usual climbing wheelset, which means they’re ideally suited to out-of-the-saddle climbing styles like mine – I can really rock the bike back and forth without feeling the wheels give or flex in any way. Plus, they’re not the least bit sketchy on the fast downhills and have some of the smoothest, most progressive braking I’ve ever had with a carbon rim.”



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