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By: Embrocation Dec 18

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Come to California

This March we are renting a house in San Rafael, CA. This is in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. The riding there is diverse and among the best I've ever experienced and includes access to Napa Valley network of roads and some serious mountains, like Mount Tam. San Rafael is also within easy driving distance of San Francisco and Oakland, both of which have major airports. The public transportation situation (BART) is also easily accessible. The house is about 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate bridge via car. There are at least 5 or 6 different, amazing rides right from the house.

This will be like we've done it the past two years in Solvang: Show up, ride big miles, eat good food. We have a house for a full month and we're renting it out by the room, for one, two or four week intervals.

The house has three bedrooms, a big kitchen, two bathrooms and a two car garage with ample bike storage, etc. We're booking the house on a per-room basis. So, if you want a queen bed to yourself, that's fine. Share with your significant other or split a room with two or three friends. We've also sourced a couple cots for the bedrooms with queen beds. This increases the sleeping capacity comfortably to three so you can split the costs of a room three ways. Details on the accommodations are as follows: 3 Bedrooms / 4+ beds available:

  • - Master Bedroom with Queen Bed and Bath - $650 wk / $1200 2wk / $2350 mnth
  • - Bedroom with Queen - $550 wk / $1050 2wk / $1900 mnth
  • - Den with Two Futons - $250 wk / $475 2wk / $915 mnth (priced per futon)

Other details:

Dates: We have the house from March 4th through April 1st. Booking week is Sunday night through the following Saturday night.

Booking deadline is January 31st.


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