Sportique Shaving Oil

Bike racing is hard. And it’s more than just the on-bike suffering. Committed racers are also subject to long training hours, nearly interminable trips in cars and airplanes to race venues and often sub-par living conditions during races away from home. We welcome any product that makes this ritual of travel, race, travel at all easier. One of our favorite additions to our race bag is the Shaving Oil from Sportique. This is a viscous, smooth mixture of essential oils with a pleasing smell that we use in place of shaving cream. In fact, it works equally well in or out of the shower and can be used for water-free shaving. A thin layer is all that’s required for lubricating skin well enough to handle shaving.

The shaving oil is equally adept whether shaving face or legs. It can be used dry, in the shower or in conjunction with shaving cream to provide a smoother, closer shave. Not only does it provide skin lubrication for shaving, but it also contains conditioning agents that leave skin feeling smooth and soft.

Shaving oil comes in a 3.5oz tube. Small amounts go a long way.

$19.95 –


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