Sportique Foot Cream

Let’s speak honestly here for a moment: There’s no lady on earth who doesn’t appreciate a good foot rub from her significant other. It’s just a fact and you can either get on board with this, or not. If you choose to embrace this concept, then Sportique’s Hard Day’s Night Foot Cream is an essential product. It’s a thick, nourishing cream that smells of citrus, spices and herbs. It contains a large number of essential oils which are naturally moisturizing, healing and have antimicrobial qualities. In short, this cream smells great, feels good and has a wide variety of uses.

We use the Foot Cream mostly in the way you would expect. As a post workout, post shower cream to smooth out and relax rough and tired feet. We also use this on our feet before long rides to reduce chaffing and odor build-up. It’s like embrocation specifically for your feet that provides non-greasy conditioning and chaffing reduction for your feet.

Hard Day’s Night Foot Cream comes in a 6oz tube. Use liberally, as it absorbs well into the skin.

$19.95 –


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