Sportique Elements Cream

The Elements Cream from Sportique is one of the most versatile skin care products we’ve every used and it’s become a regular part of our embrocation regimen over the past few months. The Elements Cream has a thick but non-greasy texture that provides thorough coverage without creating a mess. It’s a general-purpose skin protectant that we most commonly use on our legs as a non-warming embrocation for hotter, drier conditions. In this application, it protects skin from wind and road grit while conditioning and leaving skin feeling smooth.

Another key application for Elements Cream is during the winter months, where it serves as a much-needed skin protectant for the face. The cream contains a special and unique ingredient called Durvillea Antarctica, which is seaweed native to, yes, Antarctica. This plant creates a special protein that acts as an organic antifreeze agent. When applied to the face during winter rides, the cream acts as a barrier against the cold keeping skin moisturized and protected from the worst of the elements.

Elements Cream comes in a 6oz tube. We’ve found that a little bit goes a long way and one tube will last us a few months of constant use.

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