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The Marcelo is the flagship steel bike from one of the (most likely THE) most revered frame builders of his generation. This bike is Dario's expression of what he thinks a steel race bicycle should be. Really, we shouldn't have to say much more than this for you to be sold on the fact that there's no finer rendering of the steel bicycle than the Marcelo, but we will.

At first glance the Marcelo, as with other Pegoretti frame models, seems a relatively simple affair. Round tubes mated to round tubes and stays with simple, gorgeous, functional welds. Delve slightly below the surface, however, and you quickly note the evidence of intense attention to detail for which Dario Pegoretti is known and admired. Not one aspect of the frame design and construction has been glanced over - rather, each element of every frame has been painstakingly thought through. It starts with the tubes, which are made by legendary Italian manufacturer Columbus. Dario has been known to drive the boys at Columbus a little bit crazy by requesting small, seemingly insignificant changes to the tubing. A slightly wider diameter here, a .2mm change in tube wall thickness there; things that improve the ride or the production process and which only a master with decades of design and fabrication experience could truly understand.

The Marcelo is made from Dario's own version of the Columbus Spirit tubeset, which is the top-shelf steel alloy currently available for bicycle construction. This oversized version of Spirit makes the race-inspired ride of the Marcelo possible. It's stiff and responsive with the snappy, lively feel that only steel can deliver. It results in what, for most riders and racers, is the holy grail of ride quality: a smooth and damped ride combined with taught, stiff responsiveness under power. The ride is reminiscent of the best stage race bikes - it glides along easily and smoothly for mile after mile and then, when called on to go hard, it answers that call with ample drivetrain rigidity and excellent high speed handling characteristics.

And then there are the small details: The characteristic Pegoretti hooded dropouts are intricately machined stainless steel that are both stunning to behold and capable of absorbing hard wheel-in, wheel-out abuse. The chainstays are thicker than average and taper gracefully toward the bottom bracket to allow for stiffness and adequate tire clearance. And of course there's the paint - that famous Pegoretti paint. Some love it, some hate it, but nobody can deny how original and identifiable the paint schemes on Dario's frames are.

We offer the Marcelo as a frameset and we would be happy to consult with you about a complete bike or a parts package to compliment your Pegoretti frameset. The Marcelo comes with Pegoretti's Falz full carbon fork. This fork was the result of an exhaustive search by Dario to find the right fork - so exhaustive in fact, that he never found a fork on the market to meet his specifications, so he made his own. The Marcelo uses a standard 1 1/8" headset and a 29.4 seatpost. The bottom bracket is Italian threaded. We have several sizes and paint schemes in stock and ready to ship.


  • - OverSized Columbus Spirit Steel Tubing
  • - Handmade in Italy
  • - Constant diameter, oversized chain and seat stays
  • - Italian threaded bottom bracket
  • - Pegoretti Falz Full carbon Fork
  • - Limited Lifetime Warranty



Each Pegoretti is sold as a frameset or complete bicycle package. Stock levels are constantly changing as new bikes are imported. Please CONTACT US to get the most current inventory information or to discuss details of a possible custom Pegoretti order.


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