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It's tempting to classify the Duende as the 'Marcelo Junior' or 'Marcelo's Little Brother' or some other title that immediately, and incorrectly, pigeonholes the Duende as something similar to, yet less than, the Marcelo. We've been guilty of this ourselves and honestly, didn't really give the Duende much thought until the most recent batch of these frames starting showing up on our doorstep. What we discovered when we started building, handling, riding and in general just being around these bikes, is that the Duende is a totally different bicycle than the Marcelo and one worth considering for a wide swath of rider types.

Duende is a prime example of grace, poise, craftsmanship and that nearly perfect balance between performance and comfort. Dario Pegoretti is, and always has been, a builder of race bicycles. It's what he knows and every bicycle he builds is infused with decades of knowledge about proper handling and responsiveness in a performance race frame. Dario builds the Duende frames with an oversized version of the Columbus Niobium steel tubeset. In fact, the front triangle of the Duende is nearly identical to that of the new Marcelo frameset - only the rear end of the bike is different, with the chain stays being more "normally" sized, relative to the massive pipes used on the Marcelo and BLE. This more moderate approach to the rear end make the Duende a smoother, slightly less stiff machine than Dario's other steel models. Whereas the Marcelo and BLE demand to be ridden hard and tossed around, Duende is less feverish in its ride quality. It's a bike make do be ridden at a hard pace for many, many miles and still respond to hard, sudden inputs. Yet its demeanor is more relaxed; it's tranquillo.

Pointing out that the Duende is less stiff than the Marcelo strikes us to be a bit like making mention of the fact your new Porsche 911 Turbo is slower than an F1 car. It's a factually true statement, but it's an observation that doesn't have a lot of utility to most people in the world. Steel is a strong, stiff material and the Duende uses huge oversized main tubes and large stays. This is a Pegoretti, after all, and it made for hard riding and racing.

For the 2013 vintage bikes, the tubes have been increased further in diameter to the point where Dario needed to find a different head tube standard to more adequately match his main tubes. Dario's new, wider head tube necessitates a proprietary headset from Chris King called the D11. The D11 headset uses the same bearings, in the same size as King's standard Nothreadset option. The D11 headset uses wider, deeper cups the better fit the slightly wider head tube. And of course, every Duende now comes with Dario's Falz full carbon fork.

The 2013 Duende framesets use 31.6 seat posts, Italian bottom bracket shell and 35mm front derailleur clamp. As mentioned, each frameset comes with the Falz fork painted to match the frame and Chris King's D11 headset in black Sotto Voce coloring. We have a small stock of frames available now and will be receiving more as the season progresses. If you are interested in a Duende, but do not see your size or preferred paint scheme below, please Please contact us as we may be able to pre-order a frame more suited to your needs.


  • - Oversized Columbus Spirit Steel Tubing
  • - Handmade in Italy
  • - Oversized chain and seat stays
  • - Italian threaded bottom bracket
  • - Cast steel dropouts
  • - Pegoretti Falz Full carbon Fork
  • - Oversized head tube
  • - Chris King D11 headset
  • - Limited Lifetime Warranty



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