Meet Our Makers - Art Director

Grayson (known as Vectorbug on Twitter and Instagram) grew up drawing on everything (homework, arms, books, walls) and failing every subject in school other than art, computers and P.E. until the last possible moment (except the few years he had to take summer school). He graduated from art school in 2003 and has been working as a graphic designer for companies such as Mervyn's, Ookla Net Metrics, Fox Racing, Genuine Scooters, The Girl Scouts and recently somehow talked Embrocation into letting him pretend to "art direct". He is currently a senior designer living in a shack in the Pacific North West where he experiments with carbon fiber fabrics and epoxies in his basement.

When he's not practicing sick tricks like "pedaling" and "balancing" on his bikes he can be found making "vroom vroom" noises on his 29er in the Seattle area. Recently he has had some luck at races landing on a few podiums at local short track and longer 30-50 mile race series'. Although he's really not very competitive. He'd rather have a nice hard day with friends than an easy day racing strangers.

He's owned a lot of bikes and enjoys finding sweet deals and building up new bikes almost as much as riding them. "Life is short, there are a lot of cool bikes I want to try before I'm too old to shave my legs".

graphic by Grayson Smith


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