Embrocation Volume 5

As most of our readers may have noticed, we don’t play favorites with any particular type of riding at Embrocation. We enjoy cross, road, track, fixed gears, handbuilt, robot built, new, old, plastic, metal, click-click, friction… That’s why when discussing which theme to address in this volume, we were a bit at a loss. I mean, how can we pick a favorite? Will it be cross? Early road? NAHBS? Rather than limit ourselves to a thematic rigidity, we decided to focus on the job at hand. In this issue you’ll find a diversity of subjects; going from the skilled eyes of Chris Milliman’s Lars Boom piece, to the wacky SSCXWC interview, to the intricate, polished work of hand-built bicycles and trinkets, you’ll notice the single strongest component that chains it all together: passion. It doesn’t really matter if you’re into dirt, pavement, one-speed, run-ups, or ogling sweet-looking steel frames. We love to ride, and we understand what we need to do. So in this volume, regardless of your riding predilection, we hope to rub a bit of that passion on to our readers’ mind and spirit.

Let’s just say this: Volume 5 is embrocation for the mind.

Take a peek inside Volume 5.




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