Campagnolo Super Record EPS Group

We can go back nearly a decade to see the first ruminations about Campagnolo's electronic shifting system. Every year, we expected some sort of product release - some sort of commercially-available version of the electronic system we'd seen tested by professional riders now and then out on the roads of Europe. With the advantage of hindsight, we now know that Campagnolo was only to debut their electronic shifting system AFTER arch rivals Shimano had already released not one, but two electronic groups to the market, after a (seemingly) much quicker development process.

So what took Campagnolo to long to release their commercial electronic groups? Their story has always been that the electronic system itself was easy to perfect, from a functional standpoint, but they had considerable work to do to arrive at an electronic system that would also pass the Campy aesthetic test. Campagnolo components have always had a 'functional jewelry' approach to their component groups and wheels. It's a good starting point that any component work superbly, but it has to look and feel the part as well. With the introduction of the current generation of Campy 11 components, the stage was set to integrate the electronic gruppo technology into the commercially available Campagnolo line.

EPS stands for Electronic Power Shift, and now consists of 3 separate groups across the range of price and weight. The first thing one notices about EPS components is that they do, indeed retain the Campy aesthetic despite the addition of the electronic bits. Bulkiness is kept to the minimum and shapes are smoothed out to provide the appropriate feeling that all components were designed from the ground up with the electronic components integrated - as opposed to taking an existing component and attaching a box containing the electronic bits and pieces. The weight of the Super Record level components is also remarkably low. Campy has spared no expense to reduce weight wherever possible - a little less material here, titanium instead of steel there, carbon fiber just about everywhere. Despite the low weight, there is something substantial about the Super Record EPS components: they don't feel plastic-like, nothing feels flimsy.

The thought-process regarding EPS was more than just visual. It extends to shifting feel and component-rider integration. Campagnolophiles have long appreciated the positive action and feedback of Campy shifting. The solid ka-chunk of gear shifts has long been a comforting stamp of a solid gear shift. Campy has been able to replicate this inimitable feeling of connectivity with the EPS shift levers. The levers are more than simple electronic switches. They are designed to mimic the feel of Campy mechanical shifting by clever use of feedback mechanisms in the shifter pods that accomplish both the visceral feel of mechanical Campy shifting but also helps connect the rider in a more direct way to the movement of the derailleurs, something noticeably absent in other electronic shift systems.

We sell the Campagnolo Super Record EPS as a complete gruppo. The base price includes all EPS parts and mechanical parts. The Campagnolo EPS battery comes with cables already attached, so you will not need to choose cable lengths. If you plan to mount your EPS battery somewhere other than its default location on the top side of the down tube, you will need one of the optional cable extenders. We also supply the optional Stiffness Increaser on any orders that specify a braze-on front derailleur, which bolsters the front derailleur braze-on tab to better handle the torque of electronic shifting. Campagnolo reports the complete gruppo weight as 1875 grams. Warranty is 3 years on EPS parts and 4 years on all mechanical parts.

Super Record EPS Group Includes:

  • Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Ergopower Shift Levers
  • EPS Interface Unit (Connects Shifters to the rest of the system)
  • EPS Power Unit with Cables
  • Power Unit Holder
  • Battery Charger and Charger Cable Unit
  • Super Record Titanium Crankset
  • Super Record Skeleton Brakes
  • Super Record Cassette
  • Record Chain
  • Front Derailleur Stiffness Increaser or Clamp-on Adapter

Base Price - $5349

Select Group Options:

Crank Configuration:
Cassette Ratio:
Front Derailleur Type:
Bottom Bracket Type:
Brake Caliper Type:
Power Unit Holder Type:
Optional Cable Extenders:

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