Campagnolo Record EPS Group

Campagnolo hit us with not one, but two electronic groups at once, releasing Record and Super Record trim versions of its EPS system simultaneously. They also made certain that the systems were interchangeable - batteries, connections, wires, interfaces - both groups use the same basic underlying technology. In typical Campy fashion, the devil is in the details when it comes to finding daylight between the two groupsets and if blindfolded and made to use both, one would have difficulty discerning which was which from a functional perspective.

Here's what you get in both Super Record and Record EPS groups that help achieve Campy's stated commitment to both perfect shifting and aesthetic superiority:

  • - Multi-Dome technology, which accurately mimics the singular solid feel of Campagnolo mechanical shifting and ties the rider, viscerally, to the shifting experience. It allows electronic speed and accuracy with mechanical feedback.

  • - Revised lever ergonomics: The thumb lever of the shifters has been redesigned with some curve added and moved lower on the lever, thus making it more readily accessible from both the hoods and the drops for faster, less cumbersome shifting.

  • - Campagnolo has ensured the longevity of its electronic parts by securing an IP67 rating, which assures that all electronic components are completely sealed from both dirt and dust contamination, as well as from water contamination at submerged depths of up to 1 meter. This probably (hopefully) won't happen but it's good to know EPS passes that test.

  • - The ability to up or downshift through all 11 cogs on the cassette with a single touch of a shift lever.

  • - A programing logic that both learns from the initial settings and from regular use how to adjust to various setups and riding styles, and can be adjusted while riding.

  • - Use of a cassette with a maximum of a 29 tooth cog for wide ranging gear options.

Since the EPS guts of the two systems are the same, what separates Super Record from Record? Materials and weight. You will not find the same wide-spread use of carbon fiber in the Record group, most notably in the front and rear derailleur cages. Also, Record employs stainless steel parts where Super Record employs the slightly lighter and vastly more expensive titanium in many small items like bolts and pivots, as well as in the crankset. Super Record also utilizes Campy's CULT ceramic bearings throughout, whereas their use is more stayed in Record. These small materials differences, plus a more strident effort to remove material from various parts of the Super Record component group means that the Record has a minor weight penalty compared to its much more expensive brethren. Campy quotes the complete group out at 2098 grams, which puts it at roughly 1/3 of a pound heavier than Super Record EPS.

If minimal weight and the utmost attention to detail are what you're after, then go with Super Record. If you want the exact same functionality, including the amazingly crisp and accurate shifting of the EPS electronic system, but don't mind a minor addition of a few grams, get the Record and use your extra money for some wheels, or to upgrade you frameset.

We're quite smitten with the Campy EPS because we feel it offers the best of both worlds: the speed, accuracy and worry and maintenance-free operation of electronic shift systems with the feel, feedback and connectivity between rider and machine offered by the finest mechanical systems. Plus, all EPS systems retain Campy's world-class attention to design and detail.

We offer Campy Record EPS as a complete gruppo with options you can select for gear ratios, crank size and desired battery mount location. All Campy mechanical components come with a 4 year warranty while EPS parts carry a 3 year warranty.

Record EPS Group Includes:

  • Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Ergopower Shift Levers
  • EPS Interface Unit (Connects Shifters to the rest of the system)
  • EPS Power Unit with Cables
  • Power Unit Holder
  • Battery Charger and Charger Cable Unit
  • Record Crankset
  • Record Skeleton Brakes
  • Record Cassette
  • Record Chain
  • Front Derailleur Stiffness Increaser or Clamp-on Adapter

Base Price - $4399

Select Group Options:

Crank Configuration:
Cassette Ratio:
Front Derailleur Type:
Bottom Bracket Type:
Brake Caliper Type:
Power Unit Holder Type:
Optional Cable Extenders:

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