Campagnolo Athena EPS Group

At first it may seem odd that Campy's next entry into the competitive world of electronic shift systems would be Athena. After all, this step bypasses completely the Chorus level component group with EPS. On the mechanical side, Chorus is the best selling and undoubtedly the best value of all Campy's groupsets. So why omit it in EPS? The short answer is that we don't know for sure, but we suspect that a Chorus EPS group would not offer enough differentiation from the Record EPS to justify the time spent in development and marketing. And, since all Campy parts are cross compatible, one could easily piece together a "budget" EPS group using Record EPS bits and Chorus mechanical parts.

Rather than parse out the sales between Record and a would-be Chorus EPS group, Campy has decided (rather smartly we think) to bring the shifting performance of the EPS system to a far lower, more accessible price point, and put it squarely in range of mid-priced complete bike builds. Athena EPS is a full $2000 less expensive than the Record EPS groupset, but uses the same basic EPS structure to achieve the same shifting performance as the higher end groups.

Naturally, when you take a $2000 price plunge there are bound to be some sacrifices - something that makes Record worth a full $2000 more than Athena. Since Athena uses the same EPS system as Super Record and Chorus, there must be some pronounced differences. (A full list of all the features shared amongst EPS groups can be found here.) In this case, the most stark difference is weight. The Athena EPS group is, by modern standards, a weighty affair - roughly the same static weight as SRAM's entry-level Apex group. Chances are if you've made it this far, and wish to read on, you are like us in that you feel that weight is certainly far from the most important aspect of bicycle riding - its importance is completely overrated in any terrain other than longer, more sustained climbs. If your primary goal with a bike build is to get down to minimal weight without compromising on quality, we'd humbly suggest you consider the new SRAM Red group, which is about the same cost as Athena EPS and well over a pound lighter.

Ok, you're still reading. We still have you, so you must be receptive to the thought of Athena EPS. You must be like us and recognize the value of Athena EPS. To us, there is a time and place for counting grams and for making every attempt to reduce the weight of your bike, but those times are few and far between. EPS is one of the most compelling product developments to us because it provides seamless, trouble-free shifting, is all but impervious to the elements and retains the same shift feel, connectivity and responsiveness offered by Campy's high-end mechanical groups. While we're concerned with weight for a small portion of our rides, what EPS offers us is appealing for 100% of our time in the saddle.

The Athena EPS group weighs in around 2400 grams with the alloy crank option. There is also an Athena carbon crank option, which is considerably lighter than the alloy option. We sell the complete group, which includes all the mechanical and EPS parts.

Athena EPS Group Includes:

  • Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Ergopower Shift Levers
  • EPS Interface Unit (Connects Shifters to the rest of the system)
  • EPS Power Unit with Cables
  • Power Unit Holder
  • Battery Charger and Charger Cable Unit
  • Athena Alloy Crankset
  • Athena Skeleton Brakes
  • Chorus Cassette
  • Chorus Chain
  • Front Derailleur Stiffness Increaser or Clamp-on Adapter

Base Price - $3299

Select Group Options:

Crank Configuration:
Cassette Ratio:
Front Derailleur Type:
Bottom Bracket Type:
Brake Caliper Type:
Power Unit Type
Optional Cable Extenders:

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