Weekly Wrap and Final Olympic Thoughts

By: Embrocation Aug 17

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Nearly a week after the Olympics have wrapped and we can't say that we're experiencing a hangover from the games. They're sort of just over, and we'll miss the coverage on track cycling especially, but there's plenty more racing to go. We're left thinking a couple things about cycling and the games:

First, the road races bother us a little. The victories were wonderful and well-earned, but here's the problem: We cannot think of another Olympic sport where a team shows up and works as a team for one guy to get a medal. You blow yourself sky high and sacrifice for your team leader to get a medal and you go home with nothing. In pro races, you're paid to do this, but it seems strange to us that trade team tactics are applied to nation-based team format racing. The road races would be far more interesting, exciting and massively popular if it was a team competition like a points race. It would make Olympic team selection really mean something and would make the racing absolutely explosive if it were a team points format.

Moving on to MTB. First, big congrats to Georgia Gould for her well-deserved bronze medal. This was a big goal for her and she prepared big and came through big. One surprising thing, though: the field size. This is the biggest sporting event in the world, right? Athletes wait and prepare for 4 years to do their thing in the Olympics and turn in lifetime best performances. Question for the UCI (who manages Olympic cycling events): Why allow so few competitors? 30 starters in the women's mountain bike race? What's that all about? Look at how thin this start is. Weird, right? It probably would not have changed the top 10, but why not allow more competitors, which will make the race more interesting for spectators and allow in more athletes who could mix things up a bit.

Ironically, Cyclingnews publishes this following the Olympics. Weird, right?

OK, enough musing. Onto your links:

Can’t believe this guy won a gold medal at the olympics and can’t score a better shoe deal for the podium. Seriously.

Still on dirt. Broken bones in 5...4...3...

What is the most refreshing thing to do after a ride?

Speaking of which, them Ritte folks do have a sense of history... and humor.

Sure, you’re not Miguelón, but you can and should still put the hammer down in your 40s or 50s.

Cross is around the corner. But we still have one last 3-week hurrah before donning bib knickers.

Poor L.L. Sanchez. Lady luck is an evil mistress indeed. Sometimes she turns her back on you but he who laughs last, finishes first.

We'd be remiss not including one of our own doing good in the Big Show. From Wompie to the World, showing how it's done. Good job Jake.

2012 TOU Stage4 Highlights from Tour of Utah on Vimeo.



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