Weekly Roundup for September 28th

By: Embrocation Sep 28

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The other day I learned something funny. Well, funny for me anyway. I learned about “Cinderella Sports Stories”. The analogy is very applicable in all sorts of ways, as most sports demand some type of appropriate shoes, cleats, boots, fins, sandals; so if the shoe fits, so will the analogy. And as of late, nothing has resulted in such a general feeling of exhuberant deliverance (or relief) as Phil Gil’s rainbow stripes win last Sunday. Talk about a Cinderella moment. For those who accidentally turned on right now, think of Red Sox’s Ortiz’ slump one or two seasons ago. Yes, just like that, but in cycling form, which means roughly six months of anguish and uncertainty on the eyes of myriad eager fans (like me).

One would wonder if making a few million euros a year would make Gilbert soft, or that he was fit on a wrong bike, or shoes that were too tight, or stars not aligning properly, or if someone mislabelled the jars and he kept applying embrocation to his chammies. We got accostumed to his super hero stunts, and expected nothing short of a similar rerun of his 2011 season. Paranoid folks out there could argue this was all a ruse, building up so much expectation that the universe was not-so-secretly conspiring for a huge win somehow. So now we have Phil Gil where he belongs, enthroned in the Pantheon of Awesomeness in the collective minds of cycling fans.


On the topic of good jobs, this past Saturday was Mayor’s Cup, and one of our own scored big. Luke Keough snatched a big W out of the legs of Karl “10-Menzies”, who decided to celebrate a bit too early and earned himself a veritable Zabel-Freire Awkwardness Award (see Milan-San Remo 2004). Am telling you, those Keough kids possess the potently dangerous mix of skills and sneakiness that will render them many victories in the coming years. If you’re racing against them, be forewarned.

This coming weekend, who’s your money on? Kyle and I are expecting a bloody battle between Contador and Gilbert at Lombardia. ‘Twill be a humdinger I tell you.

Cross is here. Have you been practicing your dismounts? If not, look at this, but look close because the dismount is almost too fast to follow.

Product Pick of the Week: Sportique Elements Cream. If you're going to keep one and only one tube of goo in your race-day bag, this should be it. That happened last weekend - arrived at the race and realized Elements was the only thing I had with me. So, it went everywhere - legs, chamois... everywhere. And it worked well. Get it here.

Speaking of products, 2013 is going to be a good year for the tech-heads and hard-goods lovers out there. SRAM's new Red stuff is amazing, and we're also excited about the impending release of Dura Ace 9000 series components. Stuff looks really nice.

Occasionally the news in the world of cycling reminds us that the world is kind of a messed up place right now. These are uncertain times. But hey, the NFL refs are back to work, so all is well, right?

I read Tyler’s book. Quick read, many have already judged, cursed, whatever. But this interview with Millar is a lot more interesting.

Have a great weekend, everybody.



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