Weekly Roundup for September 14th

By: Embrocation Sep 14

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Interesting article. Worth a read.

Did you guys hear we’ll have a Team Time Trial at the World’s this weekend? News to me too.

Ahem, well, what to say? Hey, at least no saddle sores (and no girlfriends either).

Ok, on the same weirdo vein, we have Graeme Obree’s latest machine to attempt a 160km/h flat record. On a bicycle, if we can call it that. Hmm... How about “Human Speed Probe”?

One of my favorite riders, Rambo, who’s 41 years old, breaks away with 20km to go and wins the race. Old dogs never cease to surprise me with their new tricks.

Settle down, Alberto. children are watching.

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" from Dave Sowerby on Vimeo.

Sorry, Theo. But you look like one of those circus dudes who get shot out of a cannon.

If I lived on Tatooine, I would totally get one of these. Would make my commute to Mos Eisley both fast and enjoyable.



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