Weekly Roundup #9

By: Embrocation Apr 13

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It’s hard to start anything this week without acknowledging the dominance on display by Tom Boonen last week at Paris Roubaix. There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said already except that it was an impressive performance from the Belgian who has been a bit overshadowed in the past couple years. OK, enough Belgian hero worship. On to some of the week’s less important, more whimsical things:

Some of the most excellent cycling art we’ve run into recently, and we’ve been running into a lot of it.

Do you like Sven Nys? Do you want to dress like Sven Nys? Maybe just look at pictures of Sven Nys with the wistful thousand-yard stare that says “I dream of crushing people’s souls”? Sven Nys.

Zertz are back

Ok, this is not weird

We were always curious about them buses

Big tires for Roubaix may mean a step up or down at the podium. 2nd place (Turgot) rode 30mm tubies, Ballan opted for 27mm. Do the math.

TATI Cycles Chicago’s smallest bike shop, will be celebrating its fifth anniversary by moving north to the Wicker Park neighborhood. Word is, the space is even smaller than before. Inventory will be limited to gumwall tubulars, Campagnolo, Nutella, and monochromatic wool clothing? Oh, and they just picked up some copies of Embrocation Volume 7. Soft opening party 7pm 23 April. 1261 N. Paulina St. Chicago IL.

On a serious note. Beautiful, moving and it got us teared up. I suppose you’ll feel similarly. not a single word spoken.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, try to get some time riding in. We will.



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