Weekly Roundup #6

By: Embrocation Mar 23

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This past week was the 2nd edition of Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington to help raise awareness for something related to bikes. Bikes Belong, actually, which is one the best and most worthy organizations advocating for cyclist rights. Next time some a-hole right-hooks you out on the road just remember that Bikes Belong is out there, lobbying for your rights.

In case you missed yesterday’s 2012 Dwars door Vlaanderen (which, funnily enough, translates as “2012 Tour of Flanders”), Nikki Terpstra motored the last 30km or so, like a freaking motorbike. In case someone claims they can tee-tee, you say TT this:

Or the homemade version.

Then you have Stoepidweek, a bunch of folks, including Bill Strickland, (of whom some of us are quite fond) and photo extraordinaire, and frequent Embro contributor, Chris Milliman, doing a week-long set of 5 classics, back to back, in their entirety. I think it goes: Ghent-Wevelgen, Flanders, Roubaix, Amstel and Liège. Can you say “ouch”? as in MY CROTCH BLEEDS.

And, you know you have arrived when. (Yukia Arashiro.)

Moving on:

Great. The wheel size debate just got a shot in the arm and the middle sister of the mountain bike wheel market just got noticed, threatening the dominance of her other, hotter sisters.


It was a bad week for the Kiwis. First this; then this.

Training camp movie pics: Undoubtedly the best movie about bouncers ever made. Undoubtedly the best movie about arm wresting ever made.

*Editor’s note: this is actually the real best arm-wrestling movie ever made. Seriously.

New UCI rules discriminate against those with the unfortunate combination of tall socks and short legs. What if your leg warmers fall down?

Enough. Go play bikes, race ‘em if you can.



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