Weekly Roundup #5

By: Embrocation Mar 16

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Wake up! Milan-San Remo is tomorrow. Racing yet? You oughta be.

There are a lot of ways of looking at our sport, some hyper-realistic, some fantastic, some excessively materialist, some humble. This video, somewhere between The Triplets of Belleville and your typical Eurosport coverage, casts a different light on many of the ways in which we are used to conceptualizing our beloved sport.

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If you had any doubt as to whether Old Guy Power is real or not, look no further than this guy here. True, Horner didn’t win Tirreno-Adriatico, but have you ever come back after an 8 month layoff from racing? Taking 2nd there means he is scary good this year, at 41 years old. Kind of like Jens Voigt’s heartbreaking 2nd place on a stage of Paris-Nice last week, and Leipheimer’s inspired ride, also at Paris-Nice before his crash. It’s a good season to be an aging dude on a bike. Remember that, young’uns.

Since it’s the early months of road racing season, we figured we could all use a reminder of how it’s done, and who better to provide that reminder than Paolo Bettini? This is a longish video, but the important part starts at about minute 30. This, friends, is what a bike race should look like. Hard fought.

The duh! of the week award goes to a certain publication for figuring out the obvious. Sure we’re kind of techy high-brow around here, but we also respect the tradition of hacking. Sometimes you gotta run what you brung.

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