Weekly Roundup #4

By: Embrocation Mar 9

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We’re getting good at this. Did we say that last week? NAHBS was a great success, riding in California is, well, riding in California; racing in the Southeast is in full swing, and we love and pity our New England-locked brethren and sistren at this time of year. March is a cruel mistress. Oh, and not to say we told you so, but a certain skinny Brit is using a serious whoopin’ stick on the WorldTour peloton this week on his way to Nice. Surprised? Not really.

The inevitable is here, and more Italian than we expected. And there’s nothing to worry about. The grouches will grouch. The early adopters with adopt. Road bikes will look a little stupider and brake a little better. It will be good for some people, in some areas, and less good for others. It’s here to stay and we feel, well, just fine about that.

Speaking of inevitable… Wait, we said inevitable when we meant to say… wait, what are we talking about again?

Embrocation socks spotted in Japan. No judgement call on the shoes here… But we’re psyched to see the socks in Japan.

El imbatido is definitely back.

Hardness tales from an old pro We’ll see what we can do about getting him proofreader; but for now, enjoy the tales.

And we feel obligated, honor-bound, even, to show off some favorites from NAHBS, in advance of our full on retro-coverage next week. Don’t worry, we saw it all happen.

Pretty colors:

From a spaceship:

Week updated. See you next time.



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