Weekly Roundup #3

By: Embrocation Mar 2

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It’s March. Tornadoes, rain, unusually warm weather, fancy bike shows, and racing are all a reality. Some of us are out at NAHBS, some of us are readying volume 7 of our print journal to the printer’s (what?!), and some of us are racing bikes on pavement.

Race-tuning bikes, breaking in new shoes, training—as opposed to riding—has started to matter again, and weekend rides are delayed by exciting doings on the continent, televised in Dutch, French, and excited Spanish (occasionally also in bewildered English. Thank you, British Eurosport). Last weekend opened up the classics season with some interesting results, and Paris-Nice gets underway tomorrow. It’s funny how in November, everything smells like mud, grass, beer and embrocation, and road bikes seem pretty unnecessary. March is for road biking, and ‘cross is now a distant memory. Ain’t the seasons of the cycling year funny?

Here’s some of what we learned this week:

Who knew? Positively legitimate coverage. Thanks, Yahoo!

Bike of the week. The romance of Italian racing style just never gets old, does it? Well, unless of course you happen to be talking about Fillipo Pozatto’s penchant for doomed late-race attacks in Milan-San Remo. Sorry, Pippo, 2006 was a rare bird, and you owe that win to Boonen. Ouch. True.

Bike component of the week.

Other bike component of the week. Well, kinda. But…you get it.

Have a good weekend, see you Monday.



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