Weekly Roundup #24

By: Embrocation Aug 10

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Wait a minute. Bikes? Space? Speed of light? That sure makes me curious.

What happens when you’re pretty and wear hot pants? Easy: you win olympic medals.

Not necessarily related to bikes. Our business is primarily web-based, but we love print. We love the process, the smell, and the future of books doesn’t scare us, no matter what Jeff Bezos says.

Have you ever wondered what those dudes on moped-ish bikes do on velodromes? Well, wonder no more.

We're sad to see the Olympics wrap up. We'll miss the sport; we won't, so much, miss the interviews:

So, Lochte is dreadful at talking, and thinking, evidently. In fact, he makes Big George's interviews downright riveting:

So what now for both of these athletes? Hincapie / Lochte 2012. They have my vote!


Nerd alert. So cool. In fact, it looks like a Cylon head. Or this. It just does, ok?

Coming soon.

Being a role model means that you inspire people. Period.



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