Weekly Roundup #23

By: Embrocation Aug 3

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This has been discussed, judged, disected, suspected to death. But we heart Vino. Wiley, sneaky, skilled, aggressive and strong, the Gods of Cycling turned Vino into Gold

There were the days when the term “hipster” wasn’t used as it is today. Maybe because those guys actually had responsibilities and worked for a living.

How does your body compare?

Speaking of bodies, this is getting ridiculous. Dude needs prescription trousers. As a reference, the set on the left is Gorilla’s

What’s with these bikes that Froome and Wiggins used in the Olympic road race? They traded in their Dogmas for these things that look like they should have quill stems? Weird.

Best Olympic race so far, in our eyes was the women’s road race. Something about racing in the rain…

Worst thing?: the official website for the London 2012. Did they win medals, or commit some crime?

Not to do with cycling at all, but an unfortunate element of this year’s games… Social media being used (abused) by some athletes to say things about people publicly that they would never say to someone’s face. We’re all for free speech, but where’s the utility here? Stay classy, Twitter users…

Have some new stuff around the corner. Stuff like this little guy coming soon. Stick around!



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