Weekly Roundup #22

By: Embrocation Jul 27

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My bike was made here, in Massachusetts. Where was your bike made?

Three weeks of peace, meaning no dancing with the stars, no Curious George, no nothing. Just Tour. Now that the Tour hangover is gone, how about we actually get to know our winner better?

Speaking of Wiggo, I suppose if you win the tour you get a ride on a time machine. Wiggo brought this bici from the future.

Am not sure how to call it; bartape condom? bartape bar-end… tape? Either ways it seems like a good-ish idea.

For real, dude? At a Joe Racer event, no less? Someone needs a life.

Who’s self-sufficient? This guy.

Bummer! A repeat would have been most unlikely, but Sanchez always makes things interesting. Especially upsetting after this ride-at-a-steady-pace-slightly-faster-than-the-other-guys style TDF we just endured. I want some attacking.



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