Weekly Roundup #21

By: Embrocation Jul 20

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Mid summer and the living is, well, it’s relatively easy. We’ve been half-assedly watching the Tour. It’s not that we’re not interested, just that it offers little hope of being truly nail-biting this time around. Thanks be to the cycling gods for Sir Thomas Voekler, who is fast becoming a legend in his own time and not unlike Richard Virenque in that he’s so engaging to watch and so unafraid to suffer to the core. Cycling needs more dudes like that dude.

Time for some links:

Check out the rings. Barring something crazy, Wiggins and Froome are going to go 1, 2 at the TDF using Osymetric rings. Just sayin

Yes, Aluminum does make sense.

Hey Paul, keep it PG, willya?

The next climbing power house country, perhaps? Colombians, be warned.

Absolutely, positively no excuse for this. And I’m not talking about Gilbert – his reaction is completely understandable. Letting your dog run free in any circumstances, let alone road-side at a bike race, let alone at the Tour, is about a 9 out of 10 on the stupid scale.

Sure, dude can ride, probably holding back even. But every time I see him, his bug-looks remind me of a human praying mantis. A real praying mantis.

We’ve added a new section to our web store this week: We’ll be selling off some of our used and unused team equipment here. New items will rotate through here as we have the surplus. Bikes, wheels, components, etc… Check it out.

Now, go forth and ride, or don’t ride, but make sure you take ‘er easy for all us sinners.



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