Weekly Roundup #2

By: Embrocation Feb 24

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The classics start this weekend. Oh boy. The days are getting noticeably longer, too, and it seems like winter training somewhere warm is the done thing these days…particularly for masters racers. It’s still high season for thinkin’, rememberin’, and fantasizin’ about races past, present, and future. It’s also peak new-whip buying season, which might land you somewhere like NAHBS, in which case you should, uh, buy a Gaulzetti from us at a sweet discount!

Seriously, everyone we know is getting pumped for racing season, and there’s a lot to be interested in, just at the mo’.

We like to learn things, first of all:

And while we’re thinking about spring, and racing, and getting into gear for the season, some of us wonder what would have happened if we had stuck with our childhood preoccupations.

Some of our favorites from this week:
Crash of the week. Why is it always the trackies with the most photogenic crashes?

Chris. Effin’. Hoy. Yes, he could probably fight as a heavyweight in the UFC. Instead he rides bikes, quickly. Have you ever parked a crash pad next to your trainer so you could fall off it post-interval? Us neither. I guess that’s why we don’t win Olympic medals by the dozen.

Il pense. Nothing classier than a rubber suit, with matching headgear for all conditions.

Cipollini is a life coach now, if you hadn’t heard. Surprisingly sage advice from the wise old owl who once avowed that he would have been a porn star, had his career as a bike racer not worked out.

Predictions for The Week:
1) Apparently evergreen crowd favorites are still winning bike races. With Z in front, and Danielson close behind, our prediction is that a neurotic American will win the Tour De Langkawi.

2) NAHBS will be awesome, lots of people will buy Gaulzettis. Then they’ll call us up later to ask where these bikes have been all their lives.

3) Phillipe Gilbert will win Het Nieuwsblad; Heinrich Haussler will podium in either HN or Sunday’s Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. The dark horse pick for a top 10 is, of course, Taylor Phinney. Hey, sometimes the obvious choices are the correct choices.



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