Weekly Roundup #19

By: Embrocation Jun 29

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Unless you've been living in a cave you heard that the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care act. We avoid politics here at Embrocation as a general rule: bikes are fun toys and, for most people diversions from life's more stressful aspects, so no need to drag politics into our fun. Said another way, we don't give a shit about your politics when you're riding bikes with us. In addition to being agnostic on most political issues, we're also a small business struggling, as all small businesses do, to figure out our market and grow. As it happens, we're based in Massachusetts, whose landmark health care law served as the template for the national law, now so fiercely debated. The Mass law, while initially off-putting when we set up shop in Mass back in 2008, has proved to be instrumental in us staying afloat as long as we have. It has allowed us to procure health benefits through the state exchange for reasonable rates, so we can run a small business and be insured at the same time. Naturally, our business differs in size and scope from most others, so we cannot and would not make a categorical statement about the law's effect on business in general. But we have to admit being relieved by the court's decision, as it reduces greatly our level of uncertainty in the future of our healthcare outlay and means we get to keep doing what we're doing, for a little while at least.

Enough of that. On to bike stuff...

Speaking of business.... VOLUME 8 STARTS SHIPPING NEXT WEEK! Horray!

A great shot of Portland International Raceway (PIR to the locals). There's nowhere to hide in this race, which is a staple of the weekly training cycling for our friends in PDX. I remember being a Cat 5 sneaking my way into the P/1/2 race there back in the day. Was a life-changing experience.

An interesting review of all the TDF winning bikes over on BikeRadar this week. Undoubtedly the best years were the late nineties / early 2000's when bikes could be considered proverbial Franken-bikes by today's standards. Remember the old down tube shifter in place of the left STI lever to save weight on climbing bikes? That sort of thing... And Beloki's 650 wheeled climbing bike? Amazing. Who has a picture of that thing, anyway?

This just in: Handsomest man odds on favorite for this year's TDF victory, says compatriot. In seriousness, though, it would be great to see Wiggins win Le Tour. Between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the forthcoming Olympic Games, a Wiggins TDF victory would cement the return of the once-great Empire to some sort of less-naval-ish supremacy.

Not to beat this to death, but if you're interested in training methods and the science behind what works and for whom, this article on Wiggins' training methodology is a good one.

An interesting tie-in to Molly's article from yesterday. We think it's impossible not to love Georgia Gould, and now she's fighting the good fight.

Hydraulic brakes are coming on fast!Cool. But seriously, enough British stuff...

The Russians beat us into space and now this?
There's such a large cross-over between nordic skiers, biathletes and cycling here in New England - why didn't we think of this!?!?!

This agression will not stand... go ride it off.



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