Weekly Roundup #16: Summer's Coming, Innovations, Zero Gravity Bikes

By: Embrocation Jun 1

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Post-Memorial Day, feels like summer. We’ve been busy relocating Embrocation World HQ, racing bikes some, and putting the finishing touches on Embrocation Volume 8, which will be available for pre-order within a week or so. It’s awesome. Really, we’re pleased, and you will be, too. Here’s what we know about this week:

Our friends over at Cycling Dirt are up to their usual silly antics, and we support that. The newsworthy part is that they’re taking their DIY race coverage schtick to a new level with the Trans-Sylvania Epic mountain bike stage race footage on offer this week. Guys on motos with cameras filming the race makes as much sense in the woods as it does on the roads of France; but popping out onto the trail, on a mountain bike, with a Go-Pro on the handlebars and following the lead group for a few minutes, well, that’s just freaking cool.

In national racing news, our buddy Luke Keough, whom we’ve had the pleasure of watching grow up, along with his brothers, and at the hands (legs) of whom we have all suffered many an ass-whoopin’, just won the Tour Of Sommerville on Memorial Day. Yes, that means that at 20 years old Luke just won Athens Twilight and Sommerville in the same season. Yes, those are the two most historic, storied, legendary, and really hard-to-win crits in North America. The mainstream cycling press seems more interested in pornographic drivetrain close-ups and stories about what reformed dopers had for lunch, or something; we, however, care about the heartbeat of American bike racing, which is crit racing. And if you’re paying attention to crit racing in the US right now, you’re paying attention to Luke and Team Mountain Khakis p/b Smartstop. Good work, guys.

Since this week’s roundup seems to be devolving into a stream of regional nepotism, why stop now? For bike of the week, we decided to go with the new Zero-Gravity offering from Firefly. Since it flies, wheels aren’t necessary, which can really save you a lot of dough in the long run, if you think about it. Beautiful stuff these guys are turning out.

Finally,this isn’t new, but it is incredibly neat, and eye-opening. It’s funny how racers see the world on bikes as it relates to racing, commuters see traffic and potholes, touring folks see the world, for its own sake, and fixie kids see The Coolest Things™. We all tend to forget about the uses for bikes that don’t directly affect us in our daily lives. Turns out the bicycle is an amazing machine. Huh.

Keep your eyes peeled for genuine, professional, gallery-worthy, limited edition, signed, numbered prints of ART made by ARTISTS soon to be for sale here on Embrocation. We’re partnering with a number of artists with whom we’ve worked in the past, and adding a few pieces of visual and aesthetic flair to the web store. Diversified, we are. Look forward to it.



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