Weekly Roundup #15:

By: Embrocation May 25

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Been a very busy week here at Embro HQ. We're putting the finishing touches on Volume 8, which is due out within the month. Very exciting to be producing magazines on a regular basis these days. Also, the weather has been good here in the northeast, so there's been riding aplenty and we hope you, wherever you are, have been able to get out and do the bike riding thing. Here's some stuff for you this week:

How's this for a durable consumer good?

Dan Timmerman's (nearly) back. Who? You really oughta know. US cyclocross is better off with him in it; and we love him for having the courage of his convictions and quitting pro racing, basically because it's silly. Even if he's unquit. Gonna make for good races, come fall. And it always makes for good reading when pro bike racers say interesting things about life off the bike.

For some racing excitement, you just can't beat Cavendish's winning sprint on stage 13 of the Giro. Sure, Guardini took one off him yesterday on stage 18; but Cavendish is Cavendish, and one stage more or less can't change the fact that he is--without question--the best sprinter the sport has ever seen. EVERYTHING goes wrong in this sprint: his leadout blows up, he gets boxed in, he's too far back, he gets boxed in again, Goss gets a perfect shot at the line, Mark has to stop pedaling once. And he STILL wins. One of a kind, this man.

Or maybe you can beat this racing excitement. You be the judge. Sure, Cav might be good, and worth watching his pluck in the sprint finishes, but we've become smitten with some of the lesser-known pro races on the schedule, especially when confronted with a, dare we say, boring Tour of California. These hidden races often have B or C squads from ProTour teams mixed in with local pro teams you've never heard of. The diversity in teams and the lack of depth make for less-formulaic, ever-changing and very aggressive racing. The Tour of Turkey was one such race and had one of the best race finishes I've ever seen. Watch this.

Are you not entertained?



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