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By: Embrocation Feb 17

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We think a lot of stuff about bikes. We read about, we write about; we buy, sell, ride, race, ponder, donate, borrow, appropriate and meditate upon bicycles. There’s more to it than that, really—sample some of our columns, plenty more—but the thread that ties it all together here is, bikes.

So we’ve decided to compile our weekly observations and musings into a “Weekly Roundup” column for your enjoyment.

The biggest story of the week is actually the biggest story of last week. Something leaves us feeling weird about this one – it’s like dying not from the bullet wound you suffered but from your ambulance crashing on the way to the hospital.

We had a chance to see the new SRAM Red in the flesh a couple weeks ago. VERY impressive and a true leap forward in the offerings from the American component manufacturer. All but chain and BB are completely redesigned and it’s hard to say which piece is the most impressive. The shifters are a massive improvement and the brakes are undeniably cool, but the most intriguing piece may be the self-adjusting front derailleur. Fun times.

Isn’t it so cute?

Bike of the week. Well, duh. If we saw a cooler one this week, we would post it. Alas, we didn’t, so we’re stuck navel gazing.

Photo of the week. Beautiful, tragic, and confusing. Two of the men in this photo are dead, one is banned and retired. That was a tough decade-and-a-half for the bike racing we just had there. We love cycling and racing, for what it is, and for what it ain’t, however; and sometimes when the moralizing and fretting about who did what when gets to be too much, we dial up this classic from our main man Craig, and try to enjoy racing as it presents itself to us.

Ok, yes. That was from last week, too. What do you want from us? Last week was so exciting, but we hadn’t started doing this column yet. Damn you, Contador! Well here, this is another photo of the week, fresh as a daisy. Everyone loves a good yard sale. Hope this guy’s ok.

Happy weekending. Road racing starts in South Carolina this week…



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