Weekly Round-Up for October 12th

By: Embrocation Oct 12

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We're not going to talk about doping. Not going to mention Lance or USADA or how we'd really just like the cycling world to move on from this chapter. Damn.

If I had a ‘stache, a time machine, and most importantly, clogs, this would be me.

Read this. Then resist the desire to kill yourself that you'll undoubtedly experience if you like a) cycling or b) the English language.

We addressed this before. And we address it again: the printed matter will stick around for a while still. So buy Volume 8. And upcoming 9.

NICE! Rambo for another year. Old Man Power indeed, dude’s racing way into his 40s.

Dunno yet what to make of this. You sure cannot (or should not) ride no hands.

Kid on our team has been in Italy for the last few weeks. Keeps sending everyone pictures of him doing cool stuff with scenic backgrounds. Sort of starting to hate him a little.

Evan loves his Cazzo, yes he does. Speaking of, this is coming to a T-shirt near you before long, courtesy of one of our customers.

And speaking of Italian stuff, our product pick of the week: Pegoretti Duende. Sort of like the Marcelo, but a little less pricy. One of the best bikes you've likely never heard of, coming to an Embrocation site near you soonish.



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