Weekly Round-up: August 31st, 2012

By: Embrocation Aug 31

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Product pick of the week: Grimpeur Brothers Specialty Coffee out of Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY. These guys know their way around a bean, with amazing attention to detail and an obvious love of the process and making and consuming coffee.

It's funny because it’s Rambo.

Big Boy Power indeed. good things come in... 4s?

People really do this? No. Say it ain't so.

And to think I just joked about this the other day. Roadies, take note.

Some folks find you a bit too much. But for us, you can do no wrong, Mario. But, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the irony of couching a statement like "original ideas, which we patent (we don’t copy anyone)" inside of a movie that is flaunting its imitation of the 007 movie series.

Yes, the Vuelta is on, and has been a fierce competition with lots of action. But we still have a few one-day races to keep our Classics fix satiated. Check this one out, I had my money on Rui Costa till Eddy unleashed a very well-timed surge.

Mr. Armstrong: you were a true hero. Your courage and strength inspired millions of people, sorry to see you go.



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