Umm... Just Sayin'!

By: Embrocation Jul 26

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Some of you expressed interest; some of you scoffed. Some of your tried them and liked them and some of you shook your heads in disgust at our pushing of the rectangular-shaped Osymetric chainrings. We've stood by them as a product we really like and find a great deal of value in.

Last week Wiggins and Froome went one, two in the Tour de France, both using Osymetric chainrings. Now, does this mean the Osymetric rings were the reason for victory? Of course not, but it at least validates that there was possibly some performance value to them for the top two finishers in this year's tour.

As always, we're stocking and using the Osymetric rings ourselves and have just received another shipment of ring sets in last week. Feel free to view more information about the Osymetric product and as always, contact us if you have any questions on this or any of our products.

Osymetric Chainring Set - $299

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