The Quiver, Part One

By: Embrocation Feb 20

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We're all familiar with the concept of cyclocross racers having a collection of bikes to survive a season of rough and various conditions. We have to admit that we're enamored with the concept of having a couple road bikes at our disposal to tackle a full season of riding, training or racing.

Here's the scene. Two bikes: One for training that will receive 90% of your miles in all sorts of terrible conditions, that will be used, abused, not cleaned often or well enough - you don't care how much it weighs and you're not too concerned by the vintage or matchiness of its parts. The other bike is your race machine and bears the higher-end parts package, the race wheels, the light bits and pieces. You break this one out when you pin on a number, maintain it fastidiously to keep it working optimally.

The key to establishing the quiver is to make sure the bikes are identical in geometry and extremely similar in ride quality and handling. Switching to the alpha bike for races or rides cannot be an experience that requires adjustment or acclimation. Switching bikes needs to be accomplished without thought or prevarication.

This is the perfect example of the quiver in action. This rider requested two Gaulzettis, one Corsa and one Cazzo, built with identical geometry and nearly identical paint schemes. The Cazzo will be the daily rider; the workhorse that will absorb the bulk of the miles. The Corsa will be the race machine, tuned to perform and given the appropriate build kit to play the part.

We'll bring you some updates on these bikes as the builds progress and the riding begins.

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