The Outcoming and Upgoing

By: Matthew Karre Dec 28

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I’m testing some new end of the year clichés/metaphors. Here’s my favorite so far: “As the gas station attendant takes his final squeegee swipe on the windshield of 2011, I look forward to collecting more dead bugs and road grit on 2012.”

Not bad.

Or perhaps more appropriately: “As the lonely mechanic peels the last bit of glue from the carbon rim of 2011, I anticipate 2012’s rim will be a deeper, lighter, faster, more fire-cresty version.”

I’ve got one about chamois cream, but some things are best left for next year… In keeping up with the clichés, I offer another Cyclophotoretrospective for maximal viewing and minimal reading pleasure. These are in calendar order, but I failed to make that evident with progressing tan line images. Oh well. Another dead bug for next year’s windshield.

2012 will likely be a year pushed further into the bottomless pit of abbreviations, initials, anagrams and occasional acronyms. We’ll see EBH used frequently (and not for English Boot House as I originally thought. An easy mistake; it is Pakistan’s largest footwear store, after all). Edvald Bossan Hagen will win plenty. AC will be cleared to dominate. He’ll trounce AS and CE the way that LA did to JU, JB, TH, AK and IB. The show will be a fantastic one starring the usuals like MC, PG, TH and TV. We’ll likely start seeing 2013 bikes under the pros in March and in the stores by May. Why wait until June like 2011? (Speaking of looking forward to things to come in 2012, what about the new Dark Knight movie? Hopefully it’s stellar. From the looks of this secret clip I found, all signs point to awesome. It gets really intense around the two minute mark.)


And now the real stuff:

San Diego in February. This shot will likely be our cover art for the forth coming electronic album. In stores soon! That’s not true.

A great sign in Camp Pendleton in North County San Diego. Never figured out why the tank crossed the road, though.

The Ryan Weaver climbing Palomar Mountain, San Diego.

The incredible roads of the Kings Ridge near Santa Rosa, CA. Without a doubt the best new ride of the year for me.

Beautiful plummage.

A great jersey but did you notice that calf muscle? Wow.

A straight forward notice, but positioned up high enough that one wouldn’t notice until one was already breaking the rule.

Reason #427854219

Single. Track.

View from the top of said single track. Pure bliss.

That other sport.

Symbolic end of the year photo. Toodles, 2011.

Here’s to great miles, great roads and more mountain biking. Thanks for reading. Ride well.



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