New Products: Sportique, and more goodies.

By: Embrocation May 31

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We named our business after a specific type of skin treatment, so it figures that we have some zeal for cycling-specific skin products. Truth be told, we use a lot of them and very, very few of those do we find special enough to add to our daily repertoire, let alone sell to you, dear readers. Mad Alchemy and Sportsbalm were two product lines we found ourselves using day in and day out—Indispensable items that we’d never give up as long as the impetus remained to throw a leg over a bicycle and ride it.

Over the last six months, we’ve found a new product line that speaks to us on this same level: We were first introduced to Sportique this past fall by our friends at “NYC Velo. They hooked us up with a tube of Elements Cream and, like most products that fall into our laps, we dutifully tried it out. We were so impressed with the feel and function of the Elements Cream that we quickly requested other samples from Sportique’s large and impressive product line. After trying everything they have to offer, we’ve settled on what we feel are their best few offerings – the must-have items, if you will.

Elements cream is an all-round non-warming embrocation and skin protectant that can be used for just about any condition.

A chamois treatment that’s as noteworth for its performance as it is for how unobtrusive it is, Century Cream is our new go-to for chamois creams for long miles.

Honestly, we never really thought we’d get into a foot cream, but we did – in a big way. The Hard Day’s Night Foot Cream is one of our new favorites.

Massage has become an indefensible post-ride ritual for us and this oil is the best accompaniment we’ve yet used.

Easily portable and massively affective, the shaving oil is a great idea for the traveling racer and helps provide a clean, smooth shaving experience with or without water.

All these Sportique products are presently in stock and shipping immediately. Visit the product page or our store section for more details on each item.

Warning: German Content
Our buddy and Embrocation distributor for Continental Europe has been off the grid for a little while. We caught up with him the other day and found that he’s been up to a whole lot: Racing, working on growing our business in Germany and, oh yeah, starting his own bike line. He’s just unveiled his own line of bikes, Cremacycles. They look to us to be purpose-built mountain bikes. And they’re a nice shade of green as well.

He also sent through this video. Ken is very much at the heart of the handmade bicycle movement in Europe and is a fixture at shows and cultural events.

FREIBURG COLLECTIVE 2011 from Ken Bloomer on Vimeo.



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