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By: Embrocation Jun 2

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It’s June, which means it’s basically summer and road race season is in full swing. Here at Embro headquarters we’re slammed, in the best possible way, supporting our team program and doing the occasional consulting gig with other area teams.

But there’s more than just out team program going on. We’ve been working diligently on our next print issue, due out in about a month. We’re always excited when we’re on the verge of releasing a new issue and the lead-up to Volume 6 is no exception this rule. It’s going to be kick-ass, and you’re going to love it – I promise.

We’ve also been working on bolstering our selection of soft goods, including more shirts, socks and some other new items. Read on.

Classic Logo Shirts

Our classic logo shirt is the most popular item we sell that’s not Embrocation Cycling Journal itself. Until now it’s been available only in the classic black with white logos. We’ve decided to add a little color to the line with the addition of Olive Green and Orange shirts, both with white logos. Get ‘em all while they last.

Embrocation Cranberry Big Moka Pot Tee Shirt

We’ve also expanded our alternate line of logo shirts if you’re not into the whole classic logo tee thing. Our Big Moka Pot shirt is a variation on the theme that is the magical moka pot logo. This used to be known as our Cranberry shirt – a name that somewhat hemmed us in to use colors that were only, well, cranberry red in nature. So, Big Moka Pot shirt it is, and it’s now available in the original Cranberry and a new Navy Blue, which is essentially our team issue shirt.

Embrocation Race Day Bag

When you think about it, this product is a no-brainer and something we should have been offering all along. Let it be known, we absolutely love our Baileyworks Whalemouth bags. In fact we couldn’t imagine race weekends, or life for that matter, without them. They hold all our stuff securely, fit in overhead storage bins on airplanes and refuse to bow down to heavy use in all elements. If there’s a downside to these beasts of burden, it’s that (aside from a couple nifty side pockets) they lack internal storage – they’re just one huge pocket into which our earthly goods disappear. Racers or travelers in want of greater organization to their packing will have to resort to the bag within a bag system. Given this reality, and the fact that we love embrocations, use embrocations and have a publication named in honor of embrocations, we figured we’d make a specific carrying bag for, you guessed it, embrocations. Boom!

Our Race Day Bag is designed to securely contain and transport your embrocations within your larger gear bag, holding them safely and preventing embrocation from contaminating your clothing and other items, should one of your jars leak. It’s then designed to be brought out at the time of use, unfolded, laid out or suspended for easy access to your pre-ride products of choice. You can read more about it’s features and origins here.

We’ve partnered with Pete Smith at Mad Alchemy Embrocations to bring this package to market. We’re selling the bag along with a Mad Alchemy towel and three season-specific jars of Pete’s all-natural embrocations. Right now, for the warmer months, the package includes Gentlemen’s Blend, Mango Love and 2010 Team Edition embrocations. All perfect for hot weather road or mountain riding. Sometime towards the fall, we’ll switch over to offering the kit with cold weather embrocations.

Track Jackets

They’re not new; they’re just back in stock in all sizes. Originally made for our team, now sold to you.

You can check out all of these products in greater detail on the Embrocation store.



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