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By: Embrocation Dec 14

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‘Tis the season, after all, and now that racing is over for the moment, we’re thinking about business, the next year and some new stuff. One note about shipments in time for Christmas: Our last full shipping day, and thus the last time for us to get goods out the door to you in time for gifting will be Monday, the 21st of December. We can’t guarantee arrival of any orders placed after 4PM on this date, just so you know.

So, with one week to go, here are some of the best gift ideas we have to offer:

Embrocation of the Month Club
This is one we’ve been thinking about for a long, long time. The Embrocations we carry are some of our best selling items and we pride ourselves on being one of the preeminent suppliers of hot leg goo in the world. So, with that in mind, this year we’re introducing our Embrocation of the Month Club. It’s a pretty good deal for serious cyclists, especially those who are devotees of the lineaments. You get one hand-picked Embrocation at the beginning of each month along with a product card describing the properties and benefits of each embrocation, a Mad Alchemy Embrocations towel and a custom carrying case – as yet to be released. If you don’t have embrocating needs 12 months a year, no problem – we offer the club in a couple different half year options as well: One for road and one for cyclocross. It’s a cool and unique gift idea – something that will give people months of enjoyment and a few surprises along the way.

Embrocation Cranberry T-Shirt
Jeremy, being the t-shirt nut that he is, has come up with some pretty good designs over the past year. But, if we’re being honest, and I always am, then I have to say that our newest shirt is my favorite. It’s a deep red color with light blue logos on the front – our now-famous moka pot in a new configuration but still classy and unique. Tim Johnson likes it and he just won the National Championships. So there.
Moving on…

Taza Embrocation Edition Chocolate
This isn’t exactly a new product, but what is is running out. At the time I write this I have about 12 packs left in stock. In fact, I’m tempted to take all that’s left and keep it for myself, my friends and loved ones. Think of this as one of the ultimate stocking-stuffers. Chocolate Santa? Chocolate gold coins? Um, no. This is the best chocolate you’ve ever had, I promise.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but, well, our socks are awesome. Everyone seems to love these things, and for good reason. They fit well, look good, hold up well and, of course, they’re tall. We’re now offering them, for a limited time, in a two-pair-pack, one blue pair, one white pair for a savings of over six dollars. Check it out.

Embrocation Cover Prints
The cover photos for Embrocation Volumes 3 and 4 were both taken by Chris Milliman, one of our favorite photographers and a good friend. They’ve become extremely popular and, dare I say, iconic images of cycling culture. Love or hate the image content (I’m talking to you, people who dislike the bloody knee) it’s hard to deny the quality and originality of the photos themselves. Chris has graciously provided us with very high quality prints of these last two volumes for us to sell individually. So, if you’re thinking about buying someone one of those black and white posters with Tour de France riders from the 1930’s smoking cigarettes, don’t. Buy one of the new classics from one of the best contemporary cycling photographers current working.

And there you have it. These are some solid gift options for the cyclists on your gift list, or as one of the many to: me, from: me options under the tree this year.



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