Road Trip to NAHBS: Introduction

By: Nick Gajewski Mar 10

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When I was asked if I wanted to travel to NAHBS and document the show for Embrocation, I jumped at the chance. My girlfriend and I had just broken up, and the winter has been so long and cold, any excuse to get out of town for a couple of days and head to a warmer climate was welcome. NAHBS just happened to be the icing on the cake. But I think that the cold has gotten the better of my judgement. I say that because the way I plan on traveling the 800 miles to NAHBS is on my motorcycle solo; and I am going to bring you along on my adventure.

I don't have any hotel reservations, and I don't have a specific route charted out. But what I do have is a couple of ideas and 4 travel days to play with. This is where you come in. My starting point is the frozen city of Chicago, and NAHBS in Charlotte is my ultimate destination, so help me fill in the rest. Is there a road I should ride (Blue Ridge Parkway for example), a sight to see, a bite to eat? I want to hear from you guys, let me know what's out there. I'll be posting throughout the day, so follow my travels on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and comment and leave suggestions on where to go. Check back here for daily updates and extensive NAHBS coverage.

This trip wouldn't be possible or remotely comfortable without the support of Klim. They have provided me with clothing and gear that will shield me from the varied elements I will be riding through, but also protect me in the event of a fall.

At Embrocation Cycling Journal we welcome adventure. And as cyclists each time we throw a leg over our bikes and roll away for a ride we often find ourselves experiencing new and different places. This trip will be no different, I hope you enjoy it.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, contact us here.

photos by Gavin Gould, words by Nicholas Gajewski



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