Photo Annual 2010

By: Matthew Karre Dec 29

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Please enjoy a small collage of photos representing most of this calendar year. There’s a good blend of racing, land scape, switchback shots, dirt roads, farm animals, more landscapes and more wide angle shots of someone climbing. A talented photographer’s eye I do possess…

Photo captions:
1. A scene typically involving a large smothered burrito and lots of chips and salsa. The best finish to a long ride. Cha Cha Cha, Portland.

2. Greens. Way west Portland.

3. Sometimes I like to walk around in kit at petting zoos.

4. Left to right: Ward G., Amy C., Doug W. on Del Dios HWY in San Diego, CA.

5. Doug W. climbing up to “Bitchin‘” Kitchen Creek in what would be THE coldest ride of the year. Also in San Diego. Weird. About 20 minutes after this shot there was snow, descending, San Diego apparel, more snow, rain, wind and 30 degrees. Amazing.

6. A big ass pig. A big pig ass. Way easy Portland.

7. WEMILY charging the county line sprint. Emily, left, beats Wendy.

8. A proper dirt road ridden many times. Glory and suffering and so on. Dixie Mountain, way west Portland.

9. What do you know? I won something. Maillot Jaune at Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, Cat. 3. If only for one day. I played Ullrich to a seventeen year old kid’s Armstrong, Poulidor to, well, whomever he was racing.

10. Handbuilt ride (unintentionally, just rightly.) Left to right: Waterford, Seven, Cannondale (made in Pennsylvania carbon, no less), Hufnagel. Also on the ride: another Waterford, Serotta and another Pennsylvania made carbon Cannondale. 130 miles. Lolo Pass. Portland to mount Hood and back.

11. 4mph. That’s all there is to it.

12. Another proper dirt road. Amy C. climbing Keller after I told her it was the easier of two routes. It wasn’t. Way west Portland.

13. 3 days before annual Gift Giving Day. Strange looking plants and a strange looking helicopter Santa. Way west Portland.

14. Insert loud screeching sounds as to indicate extreme cuteness. Little Kitty.

Thanks for reading and viewing. Much more to come.
Ride bravely.



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