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By: Brandon Mar 26

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Like Richard Sachs is to lugged steel and Nick Crumpton and Craig Calfee are to carbon fiber, Dario Pegoretti is the long-held master of the welded metal bicycle frame. He is a devotee of a particular set of skills applied to a given set of materials and has primarily committed himself to the production of his welded chromoly steel bikes, known as the Marcelo. As with any master craftsman, he's no stranger to other production processes, such as filet brazing, or other materials, such as aluminum. He has historically been unafraid to bring his skills to bear on new materials. The Responsorium is Dario's rendering of a bicycle from stainless steel alloy, and it possesses a character different from his other offerings, but still distinctly Dario in ride and appearance.

In the world of metal alloys for bicycle production, no single material has seen as many recent advances as stainless steel. Normally used for things like medical devices, cutlery, art deco buildings and DeLoreans, stainless never gained a whole lot of traction in the bicycle building world. It's harder and less malleable than carbon steels and thus more difficult to work with, both in the formation of tubing and during the actual frame-building process. That, combined with the fact that it offers few real-world performance benefits versus its more rust-prone carbon steel brethren, means there was rightfully little place for stainless amongst frame builders. That changed recently with the introduction of several alloys from the industry's most revered tube makers. Reynolds debuted their 953 alloy a few years ago, followed shortly thereafter by Columbus with their XCr tubing. Dario Pegoretti is the biggest single consumer of Columbus tubing and it's a good bet he played a decisive part in the design of XCr.

So is the Responsorium just a stainless rendition of the Marcelo? Well, yes and no. The bikes are different and will have different, albeit similar characters. Marcelo is designed to be the perfect all-rounder. If you're lucky enough to have a stable of amazing bikes, Marcelo is the bike you grab by default when you can't decide - because it does everything well, and predictably. The front triangle of the Responsorium has tubes that are identical in diameter to the Marcelo, and so retains that bike's front end stiffness and adroit handling. The stays on the Responsorium are toned down: chainstays are a normal-ish 16mm instead of Marcelo's bulbous 18mm. It sounds like a small difference, but that 2mm reduction in diameter takes a little bite out of the rear end of the bike. To be clear, it's not a difference so pronounced that you'll notice it straight away, but it will become apparent on rough sections and over many miles in the saddle.

Using the Marcelo as the baseline for Pegoretti steel bikes, Responsorium is a good bit lighter and a little less stiff. It also has the durability and longevity advantages of a material that is all but impervious to the elements. In our minds, it's the Pegoretti for riding a LOT of miles and where that fiendish stiffness in response to acceleration is less important than stamping out the distance. Responsorium is a machine inclined toward finesse but ready for the long haul.

The Responsorium uses a 30.0mm seatpost and a 31.8mm clamp-on front derailleur. As with all Pegoretti models the Responsorium uses an Italian threaded bottom bracket.


  • - OverSized Columbus XCr Stainless Steel Tubing
  • - Machined stainless steel dropouts
  • - Handmade in Italy
  • - Constant diameter oversized seat stays
  • - 16mm, oversized seat stays
  • - Italian threaded bottom bracket
  • - Pegoretti Falz Full carbon Fork
  • - Limited Lifetime Warranty



Each Pegoretti is sold as a frameset or complete bicycle package. Stock levels are constantly changing as new bikes are imported. Please CONTACT US to get the most current inventory information or to discuss details of a possible custom Pegoretti order.



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