Paris-Roubaix: A Photo Essay

By: Philip Gale Apr 25

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Now that the beloved spring classics are over and a long summer of stage races looms large in the near future, we thought it would be nice to reminisce with some images of our one-day heroes and the stage on which they perform. Stage races no doubt allow the cream to rise to the top and produce worthy winners; but single day races are more immediate, and more honest for the amoral tendency they have to allow a sense of fate bordering on spiritual to dictate events. Champions are made, yes; but accidents also happen, great riders fall, and flash-in-the-pan domestiques bound for a career of obscurity occasionally earn the one fleeting moment of glory, success, humility and relief that they have chased for their entire career.

To begin with, Paris-Roubaix. This race is art; Greek theater.



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