On Peaking

By: Matthew Karre Sep 4

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On Peaking:
And we’re back. The road has been long and twisted, with frequent painful sections of deep, loose gravel. There comes a point when going faster isn’t physically possible. This magic moment has little to do with desire, ability, or external conditions, and everything to do with voodoo (read: physiological things I don’t understand). It can be easily likened to a rubber band stretched to its maximum. Though never severing, it can expand no more and even gently contracts to an invisibly smaller size. Try as you might, the band will not give a millimeter. To assert its dominance, the voodoo shrinks the rubber band another immeasurable amount. Swear up and down it was farther stretched last time, but the voodoo reveals no hints, no timelines and no resolutions.

Piqued Off:
And after years of similar antics, one foolishly tries to predict the voodoo, perhaps even preempt it with some haughty justification. The season is changing, it’s time to go for fun rides and maybe go mountain biking. No shit. It’s always time for fun rides! And go mountain biking when the fancy strikes. Never forget that. Allow the voodoo to run its course, embrace it, welcome it. Force its presence by adding the extra seven miles to the ride that lead to a better story at its end. Things are going in the right direction when the voodoo comes knocking.

And while not a justification, I do anxiously, nay, aggressively await autumn’s auspices; always affording awesome arboreal amusement (top that one…). While in no way do I ever want summer to end, its latter weeks are perhaps the best of the year. The lighting is brilliant, the temperatures purely pleasant, the air invigorating. This time of year for some falls into the denoument of form and fitness, the peak ascended and the other side visible. But for others it begins a new cycle. A look of intensity and passion is a clear sign of things to come, the rhythm of the bike on terrain becomes natural and flowing until finally all elements line up for a climactic overture. I believe this video portrays these words better than any other I can think of. The music, the tangible mental preparation, the intensity.

Please turn it up:

Now go savor a delicious chocolate bar. You’ve earned it.

And while on the subject of reaching one’s peak, this video is truly the highest point Youtube will ever reach. With many peaks and valleys in its past and future, all efforts will be judged against this brief moment of insight:

And to conclude this diatribe, (and to discontinue beginning every paragraph with and…) a few images of good people, and myself , who have peaked, piqued or are peeking. No news on Peking, though. Never been there.



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